Technical and Professional Services

Like all science, analytical testing at Energy Laboratories is factual and methodical. Our project managers serve as your personal guides in the testing world. We invite you to begin the process by contacting the project manager in your area:

Billings, MT

Darcy Chirrick
Jillian Miller
Leslie Cadreau
Gina McCartney

Casper, WY

Misty Stephens

Gillette, WY

Misty Stephens

Helena, MT

Jon Hager
Amanda Carlson
Wanda Johnson

As a full-service commercial laboratory, we offer an extensive line-up for analyses, tests and services complete with our committed, personal customer service. For services offered and more information, please review our Technical and Professional Services Guidebook.

We make every effort to maintain current service offerings and methodology here; however, they are subject to change without notice. You may receive a project-specific quote from one of our four locations.