When it comes to radiochemical analysis, experience matters.  Energy Laboratories has been a leader in the field since 1984.

We hold a radioactive materials license from the USNRC for radiological analyses on samples ranging from biological fluids, to yellowcake, to environmental background samples using methods from the Multi-Agency Radiological Analytical Protocols (MARLAP) manual.  We maintain rigorous quality control to produce technically sound data.

Energy Laboratories’ radiochemists use specialized and highly-sensitive equipment to analyze:

  • Gross Alpha
  • Gross Beta
  • Gamma Emitters
  • Radium226/228
  • Radon222 
  • Uranium 
  • Isotopic Uranium 
  • Lead210 
  • Polonium210 
  • Strontium90 
  • Isotopic Thorium 
  • Tritium

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